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I think I can just make my way around here now. So let’s start with a bit about who I am, what I like to do and how my interests might interest you.

I am your average person born in 1985 in Africa before moving to Australia at the end of the year 2000. I am an illustrator meaning I love to draw. It is my dream to illustrate and publish my own comics though that’s still in the works. I also have much to learn before I can reach something as grand as that.

I’m rather an internet addict which probably isn’t very good for my health (I should exercise more!). This addiction however has lead me to mountains of really inspirational and useful information mostly in regards to making art (there’s just too much stuff in the internet not to find mountains of it!)

But enough about that, I have a purpose for this blog and that is to use it as a place for me to share what I find and perhaps what I already know and have done. This is the first time I’ve ever tried something like this so bear with me while I start up and try to grow. It may turn into a dumping ground you never know!

On a side note, I tend to enjoy really bad jokes. Here’s an example:

What do you call a guy with no shins?


Hahahaha! XD

Tutorial of the day: Wolf Eye Tutorial by Yellow-eyes


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Well howdy-do!

G’day fellow campers! This is my blog and just a brief starter post… feel free to ignore :-3


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