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It would be Mr Rob Hogan that would frame his own portrait and display it on his own desk, diamonds and all XD

Colours: and a nifty animated gif to show the transitions from the beginning =)

Work was completed entirely in Adobe Photoshop with the use of a Wacom Tablet.

Tutorial for the day: the .gif animation one! Specifically, this tutorial is for making a animated avatar/icon but I used it for making the transitions gif for Mr Hogan’s process. Check it out: Blinking Avatar Tutorial by Lysa

Guess I’ll have to start something new =)


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Skipped ahead on the shading side – I’m getting to the point where I’m itching to play with getting this into a coloured state. Mainly because it’ll be my first grayscale image to convert into full detail colour. You gotta start somewhere they say!

Speaking of itching… been battling with hayfever and its effects on the eyes >_<;; Not that that has much relevance. Just that if you get bad, itchy eyes it pays to go through the 5 minutes of agony you get when applying eye drops in order to get long time relief ^_^

Wargh Mr Hogan’s go such a funny mouth!

On! To colouring! I’m going to try using some of the techniques from Yuni’s tutorials which have been linked in previous posts =)

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