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Here’s the Coloured Version! and a few extra details woo!



Used the gradient map function in Photoshop to assign colour ranges. Used masks to crop the sections visibility so that only the relevant sections would show in their colour ranges.

Gotta run!


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Grays complete!


Onwards now to Colour!

There’s a photo I happened upon at some point in my life that I’d like to use for the colour scheme on this. The photo is this one:


I unfortunately do not  know where it came from and would like to post the credit to it but don’t know who made it =( I have already sampled a lot of colour from it to use in the colouring of Tribal Model.

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Tribal Model Pic grays detailing continued:


Can’t remember if I’ve touched on this before but, never the less, let’s get imaginary guy to ask the question :-
ImgGuy: So why all the grays?
FND: It’s because of values =)
ImgGuy: Values? Whut?
FND: Values are essentially the lights and darks of an image. They are but one contributing factor to the overall picture.
ImgGuy: OH RLY! So grays?
FND: Ugh… okay so if you get the values right first off, it can make the rest of the image a whole lot easier to complete (essentially – the colour). You paint in black and white (grays) so that the base values of your image already shine out by the time you start thinking of colour.
ImgGuy: Woah-kay-now. So the colours are coming?
FND: >_< … yes… the colours are coming……… >_<
ImgGuy: Jolly good then 8D
FND: …

(thus ends a perfect example of a two way conversation with oneself)


Ugh… times flies aye? Been exploring my new place, meeting new people and job applying (wah!) like a train! Hopefully something will come up soon and I can support myself!

Until then, let’s get to it and make art XD

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Phewph! I’ve moved and unpacked and am in the process of settling in a new town, new room, new future.

Update on Tribal Model – Start of gray detailing (extended the jaw as well):


An interesting thing I read on someone’s journal post today… can’t remember who… but anyway! They were talking about artist’s block which is something every artist faces at some point probably. You get into that mode where you don’t want to draw and so nothing you do draw looks right or comes out right. They said the best thing you can do is not draw if you don’t want to draw. Kinda makes you wonder what it’s like for those who live off drawing.

Another thing they spoke of was unfinished flood drawing… where you draw and draw and draw but never finish anything. I’ve been through that at least a couple of times >_< You feel like you’re accomplishing something by drawing but then at the end of the day have nothing to show… *shrugs* what to do. I think everyone will be able to get over blocks but in their own way. It’s a matter of them finding what unblocks them. I’m still on my search 8D.


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Quick update before shutdown!


I’m still starting most pics in the grays and adding colour later. Here’s a first pass with a start on the lighting layabouts.

Okie dokie – away with me! *flees*

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If there’s one thing in life that could break a cycle of chronic collectors syndrome… it’s moving house >_<

I can’t believe how much stuff I’ve collected over the last few years… it just grows! One of the good growths has been a beginning start to a book collection 8D Horrible that they are terrible to pack and transport though… so heavy >_< … yet so essential *grins*

I’m looking forward to moving to a new place and starting fresh. It’s going to be interesting is all I can say at this point har har.

Got a step by step digi painting that I started with this sketch:


Progress to follow in the days to come =)

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Had some interesting times with this one. Started with a sketch and by the end of it (and after some good critiquing) I’d reworked the thing! See the different changes it went through:

Goat Woman Compare

It was very challenging and also very fun. I was told to get reference photos to work from in order to make it more realistic. It’s amazing what a difference having photos to work from makes! (It’s also challenging finding/creating the photos you need so that you’re not up for charges for plagiarism and what not).

I was also challenged to think more about why I was creating the image and what I could add to it to make it better. For example, the first image has those huge horn things in it right? After submitting the image to an art critique forum with the title “Goat Girl”, one of the questions that came up was, “Have you even looked up pictures of goats?”. Truth be told, I hadn’t… and when I did they all turned out to have small horns (besides some of the male species of goat – and I was creating something female…) it just didn’t fit at all. Also the title was “Goat GIRL” but the person was clearly older than a ‘girl’… I changed the title… (taking the easy way out I know!). Honestly, I started the drawing going, “Oh cool man, let’s mix horns and ears and stuff with a woman and see what we get – righteous!!”. How naive I am bleah!

I’m still struggling with the ‘think before you do’ thing but I’m gonna work my way through it… eventually har har har.

Haven’t stumbled upon a fancy tutorial today. A friend linked this though: Scott Holden’s Tauntaun Costume of awesomeness
How long would that have taken!!!

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