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You know those days when you just gotta draw something? Today’s one of ’em! I guess I’ve been overworking Adobe Illustrator and just needed a good session with pencil and paper! (and photoshop 8D).

Why such a depressing kind of picture? Well, it’s not based on a story or anything really that’s meant to be depressing. I’ve been thinking of Mother’s Day and the whole ‘what mother’s go through’ thing. Combine that with a recent read through the prison and torture section of the book, “Shantaram” and bam! Depressing picture! W00T!


Oh oh! And I stumbled upon a pretty nifty tutorial! Been a while since I’ve found one to post 8D:

IFX Strike a Pose Tutorial by Warren Louw (A South African chap who openly talks about the Law of Attraction =D First one I’ve come across!)

Time for bed!


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