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Well! Been a while aye! I’ve been having a busy time of late but hopefully back on the drawing train again soon yay!

Did a quick DSG sketch:



My aims and possible results:

(1 – standard alien for comparison)
2 – a good laugh (but from another angle… he could be choking?)
3 – surprise (but from another angle… calling out with enthusiasm?)
4 – conniving/plotting (but from yet that other angle again… wise old guy/cool dude?)

After last night there’s a story about this pic! There must have been something about this prawn thing that twinged in my brain because I had a ‘wake me up out of fear’ nightmare last night involving a creature that had great similarities to the head of this alien (pictured below from what I can remember). I was exploring an abandoned house with my Dad in the dream. The room we were in had a slanted ceiling and I was sitting on a bed with my Dad standing close to the opposite end. Suddenly! This creature, about the size of my palm starts scattering across the ceiling with a loud takka takka takka noise and proceeds to move above my Dad before dropping off the ceiling with the intention of landing on him! As the creature was unknown and clearing trying to get at my Dad for something I panicked calling to Dad to look out! Luckily he side-stepped the thing before it could land on him… but, oh so happily lands on the end of the bed, swivells around and comes scattering my way and proceeds to run over my stomache before the shear horror woke me. It was so fast that I couldn’t sweep fast enough to get it off me! FREAKY MAN!


Yeah! Imagine THAT at the size of your palm running towards you at super speed and you having no idea why O_______O

I need to work on expressions more…


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