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So I started this over a year ago. Way over a year ago. I’m submitting a final now… finally haha. So here it is. I hope anyone who’s come along for the ride likes the end point.

LoPi_by_effenndee_008-51[Click for larger image]

I’m not sure if you know but the time around when Life of Pi movie was released and then later awarded an oscar for best visual effects was highly controversial. This is because the visual effects studio behind the making of Life of Pi (Rhythmn and Hues) went bankrupt around that time too. If you noticed anyone on social media sites changing their icons to a bright green square, it was their response to the irony of an oscar awarded vfx studio not being able to continue their work (and for the people who accepted the award and were then cut-off mid-speech on stage). Now just over a year later around the 2014 Academy awards, the memory and concern has been raised again. I urge you to watch this video made to help highlight just how it happened and how things stand currently. Only a half hour long but worth the watch: Life After Pi

As for this Life of Pi tribute… I’m finally closing doors on it and it’s bitter sweet. I hadn’t been drawing anything for myself for a long time before this and it took a lot for inspiration to walk my way. The Life of Pi film is one of those inspirations – enough so to make me want to waffle on about it. But yeah, bitter sweet that there is a lot of almost ugliness behind the success of the movie. I guess I hope that it will be the last time anything like this happens.

Enough waffle. Back to whatever’s next. Here’s a compilation of most of the steps in case it interests you:


Over and out, for a bit.


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G’day! Christmas is just around the corner woohoo! Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of illustrating a Christmas card for the Scone Equine Hospital (NSW, Aus). It’s a ball of fun and I thought I’d share this year’s one:


The theme this year was not so much a theme but rather to base the illustration off a photo they’d sent. The photo depicted a couple of SEH vets nursing a newborn foal (with the aid of oxygen – which is apparently very necessary sometimes! Who knew?) while the mother horse looked on from the side. Hence the newborn reindeer being nursed by Santa and the presence of an oxygen tank in the picture. The elves are usually more naughty but this year they’re just pleased to meet the new little chap.

I will hopefully have more time to work on the Life of Pi pic now. However, I am moving in the next few weeks so that will take priority. Packing… it’s amazing what you collect over time.

No useful random find to share today but I can tell you what I’ve learned from moving within Sydney so far: need boxes? Don’t want to pay for them? Go to Coles man. Coles is great… or at least the one in Broadway Sydney has helped me heaps. The trick is to go in when they’re restocking the shelves – around 9:30pm to 10:30pm each evening. Then you just scour the isles looking for the empty boxes they’re piling up and ask if you can dig in. Everyone I asked was super happy for me to help myself. You get a nice variation of sizes (mostly smaller ones though – but that was what I was looking for anyway). I even had one of the unpacker chaps offer to unload a bigger box while I waited so I could take it. Cheers! It really can make your day when someone gives a bit of a damn 🙂 Oh! and always buy twice as much packaging tape… you’ll run out and it sucks when you’re on a packaging roll and then have to stop because of lack of tape >_<

Righto, enough of my random (probably entirely inconsequential) life trips. Off to pack more… stuff… ugh all my stuffffff.

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Long time no post aye aye? Been crazy with work and procrastination! Thought I’d shoot through a heads up for some manga workshops a friend, Althea Aseoche, and I are holding in October. She’s got the details up on her blog here and I’ve pinched the flyer to show:


I also was super lucky to get some colouring pencils for my birthday! Here’s my first pic with them (was so tempted to fix the whole angle of head thing but decided to leave it so that, for once, I could post an untampered picture!… okay I admit it, I leveled out the colours so the background would be white… but the image itself is still the same image!). Daww, cutesy widdle birdy thing jig.


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So, been really busy reading comics and work and stuff… and for once in my life having a social life… wow… social lifes are fun and time consuming 8D Rock climbing… bowling… movies and sketching all in one weekend!

Never the less! A throw together for the day – ‘nother Daily Sketch Group attempt:



Been doing some sketching too but will save those for another day ^_^ *sleeeep*

Man! Been seeing some good movies lately – recently watched Kick-Ass which equals Pretty Dang Awesome and also saw How to Train Your Dragon which I LOVE!! I want a cat like Toothless… so cute… and useful >=3

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Well Howdy!

Been up to lots of late! Recently started a new job as a Static Artist and am stoked about it. Have been trying to train myself to get used to getting up early again. Haven’t been able to do too much on the side but will have to knuckle down and finish some of the side projects otherwise they’ll never see the light of day >_<

I sat in on a Bobby Chiu livestream on Saturday morning which was loads of fun. Besides watching him paint an illustration live, we were challenged to draw/paint/create an image under the theme of “Creepy and Cute”. I knocked up a cute mousey mousey and couldn’t help but finish it long after the stream had ended XD Went a bit berserk with colour but meh!:


Will probably post some making of pics in the next post but depends on if I remember :S

Oh oh and I finally got a scanner for my Mac XD What a shamozzle that was! Never the less, now is the time for random sketch scans. Inspiration by Chris Sanders (who’s done character and storyboard work for “How to Train Your Dragon – an animated film coming out at the end of March that I am very keen to see):


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* stretch stretch * Gah! Had a nice break! Went to the beach, caught some fish, got serious leg sunburn but all in all had a fantastic weekend XD It was coupled with the news of a job for me, a marriage for my sister and a great birthday for my mum! So I’ve been surfing a high!! Onwards though – to art and beyond!

Haven’t even touched Goliath yet so it’s under the carpet somewhat. Only new work is some ‘Daily Sketch Group’ sketches which I took part in on http://www.conceptart.org:



Eagh! Poor thing… >_< Oh wait… Aww DANG! I forgot to flip the pic back around again DX Er… um… yeah… this particular creature has a heart on the right of its chest. It’s just this particular one >_>……. totally…



I think for this I should have added more ‘sound effects’ to make it work better ^_^;; Ah well, learnt for next time!

Working on some other projects on the side but need to know whether I can put works online for them or not XD

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If there’s one thing in life that could break a cycle of chronic collectors syndrome… it’s moving house >_<

I can’t believe how much stuff I’ve collected over the last few years… it just grows! One of the good growths has been a beginning start to a book collection 8D Horrible that they are terrible to pack and transport though… so heavy >_< … yet so essential *grins*

I’m looking forward to moving to a new place and starting fresh. It’s going to be interesting is all I can say at this point har har.

Got a step by step digi painting that I started with this sketch:


Progress to follow in the days to come =)

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