Kinds of Blue


Please help print and launch “Kinds of Blue”, a comic anthology about depression. I contributed by doing the art for a 5 page comic written by Guan Un.

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We’re trying to get it printed and put on the shelves but need funds in order to do so. So project leader extraordinaire, Karen, has started up a funding campaign where we’re offering certain things for donations towards the project. All the details are here:

How it works is that if you wish to you can propose a donation and only if the entire estimated budget is reached do you actually send the donation over. So if the campaign ends without the target being reached you don’t pay anything.

Here’s a link to the comics in the compilation online if you’d like to see what’s in it:


and here’s the comic I did with Guangyao Un called “The Suit”:


If you think of anyone you might know who’d be interested in supporting this project please feel free to pass the information on!


Baby Dragon

Well, it’s only been about 6 months! Been busy, busy, busy with work and life and everything! That’s my excuse… for now.

Been sketching a bit more for myself than usual. Saw a conceptart.org daily sketch group thread for the ‘Cutest Dragon Ever’ and had to have a go. So! Here is my go:


Nice to do a full-ish work on the old sketchpad. Reference was used.

Rainbow Floaty Bird and Workshops!

Long time no post aye aye? Been crazy with work and procrastination! Thought I’d shoot through a heads up for some manga workshops a friend, Althea Aseoche, and I are holding in October. She’s got the details up on her blog here and I’ve pinched the flyer to show:


I also was super lucky to get some colouring pencils for my birthday! Here’s my first pic with them (was so tempted to fix the whole angle of head thing but decided to leave it so that, for once, I could post an untampered picture!… okay I admit it, I leveled out the colours so the background would be white… but the image itself is still the same image!). Daww, cutesy widdle birdy thing jig.


Well! Been a while aye! I’ve been having a busy time of late but hopefully back on the drawing train again soon yay!

Did a quick DSG sketch:



My aims and possible results:

(1 – standard alien for comparison)
2 – a good laugh (but from another angle… he could be choking?)
3 – surprise (but from another angle… calling out with enthusiasm?)
4 – conniving/plotting (but from yet that other angle again… wise old guy/cool dude?)

After last night there’s a story about this pic! There must have been something about this prawn thing that twinged in my brain because I had a ‘wake me up out of fear’ nightmare last night involving a creature that had great similarities to the head of this alien (pictured below from what I can remember). I was exploring an abandoned house with my Dad in the dream. The room we were in had a slanted ceiling and I was sitting on a bed with my Dad standing close to the opposite end. Suddenly! This creature, about the size of my palm starts scattering across the ceiling with a loud takka takka takka noise and proceeds to move above my Dad before dropping off the ceiling with the intention of landing on him! As the creature was unknown and clearing trying to get at my Dad for something I panicked calling to Dad to look out! Luckily he side-stepped the thing before it could land on him… but, oh so happily lands on the end of the bed, swivells around and comes scattering my way and proceeds to run over my stomache before the shear horror woke me. It was so fast that I couldn’t sweep fast enough to get it off me! FREAKY MAN!


Yeah! Imagine THAT at the size of your palm running towards you at super speed and you having no idea why O_______O

I need to work on expressions more…


You know those days when you just gotta draw something? Today’s one of ’em! I guess I’ve been overworking Adobe Illustrator and just needed a good session with pencil and paper! (and photoshop 8D).

Why such a depressing kind of picture? Well, it’s not based on a story or anything really that’s meant to be depressing. I’ve been thinking of Mother’s Day and the whole ‘what mother’s go through’ thing. Combine that with a recent read through the prison and torture section of the book, “Shantaram” and bam! Depressing picture! W00T!


Oh oh! And I stumbled upon a pretty nifty tutorial! Been a while since I’ve found one to post 8D:

IFX Strike a Pose Tutorial by Warren Louw (A South African chap who openly talks about the Law of Attraction =D First one I’ve come across!)

Time for bed!

Can you see the cat?

Allo! Quick picture dump 8D

Theme – Fairy Quest.

Question is: Did you see the cat first or at all?

Why? Because I’ve looked at it too long and know the cat is there but don’t know if others can see it 8-<


Ah… to bed… to dream… to be in happy tomorrows.

Long time no…

So, been really busy reading comics and work and stuff… and for once in my life having a social life… wow… social lifes are fun and time consuming 8D Rock climbing… bowling… movies and sketching all in one weekend!

Never the less! A throw together for the day – ‘nother Daily Sketch Group attempt:



Been doing some sketching too but will save those for another day ^_^ *sleeeep*

Man! Been seeing some good movies lately – recently watched Kick-Ass which equals Pretty Dang Awesome and also saw How to Train Your Dragon which I LOVE!! I want a cat like Toothless… so cute… and useful >=3