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(Can you tell I’ve been watching Breaking Bad??)

Time for an update to LoPi (Life of Pi) pic I say! It’s a long way from finished but… I’ll get there.


I’m not quite getting the expression right on his face… and those legs… there’s so much to fix. Only later, when watching the movie again did I realise that the creatures in the water were not a lot of fish… but they were jellyfish. Sigh~

Interesting find of the week? …most probably that there’s a really nice medical center that’s really quite close to my place hahaha. But in terms of art? Aww man, I’m drawing a blank. I had a lovely holiday break and haven’t quite got all the gears working yet haha. Maybe I’ll have something next post?

ps one of the best people in my life is undertaking a huge challenge this year – she’ll be aiming to post at least 5 new drawings a week (whether they are completely new or just additions to existing pieces) and by post, I mean post online – go check her stuff out yo: The Da Imaginarium

Over and out!


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G’day! Christmas is just around the corner woohoo! Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of illustrating a Christmas card for the Scone Equine Hospital (NSW, Aus). It’s a ball of fun and I thought I’d share this year’s one:


The theme this year was not so much a theme but rather to base the illustration off a photo they’d sent. The photo depicted a couple of SEH vets nursing a newborn foal (with the aid of oxygen – which is apparently very necessary sometimes! Who knew?) while the mother horse looked on from the side. Hence the newborn reindeer being nursed by Santa and the presence of an oxygen tank in the picture. The elves are usually more naughty but this year they’re just pleased to meet the new little chap.

I will hopefully have more time to work on the Life of Pi pic now. However, I am moving in the next few weeks so that will take priority. Packing… it’s amazing what you collect over time.

No useful random find to share today but I can tell you what I’ve learned from moving within Sydney so far: need boxes? Don’t want to pay for them? Go to Coles man. Coles is great… or at least the one in Broadway Sydney has helped me heaps. The trick is to go in when they’re restocking the shelves – around 9:30pm to 10:30pm each evening. Then you just scour the isles looking for the empty boxes they’re piling up and ask if you can dig in. Everyone I asked was super happy for me to help myself. You get a nice variation of sizes (mostly smaller ones though – but that was what I was looking for anyway). I even had one of the unpacker chaps offer to unload a bigger box while I waited so I could take it. Cheers! It really can make your day when someone gives a bit of a damn 🙂 Oh! and always buy twice as much packaging tape… you’ll run out and it sucks when you’re on a packaging roll and then have to stop because of lack of tape >_<

Righto, enough of my random (probably entirely inconsequential) life trips. Off to pack more… stuff… ugh all my stuffffff.

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Just a quick update on the Life of Pi. A few things have come up on the side so I may not update as regularly as I’d like. Never the less it will happen.


Recently found my way to this blog post listing many really talented women artists. Check it out if you have the time.

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Well! Let’s be honest. I’ve been a bad sketch blogger and have not updated in a very, very long time. The problem is… I haven’t made any personal art for ages. I’ve been expending painterly juices mostly at work. So much so, I have forgotten the fun one can have making art for oneself. However, I’ve been inspired somewhat of late and so let’s try again.

Earlier this year (much earlier… or was it even last year?) I watched the movie Life of Pi and it stuck into my braaaaain (I enjoyed it a lot). So I did a random sketch with the intention of painting it up into a nice pic at some point. THAT POINT IS NOOOOOW! Here’s the sketch:


Here’s the first of many rounds of fixing:


More updates to come later! Usually I try to have some useful thing to share but I think the world should know about Batdad. Go and experience BATDAD!

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Long time no post aye aye? Been crazy with work and procrastination! Thought I’d shoot through a heads up for some manga workshops a friend, Althea Aseoche, and I are holding in October. She’s got the details up on her blog here and I’ve pinched the flyer to show:


I also was super lucky to get some colouring pencils for my birthday! Here’s my first pic with them (was so tempted to fix the whole angle of head thing but decided to leave it so that, for once, I could post an untampered picture!… okay I admit it, I leveled out the colours so the background would be white… but the image itself is still the same image!). Daww, cutesy widdle birdy thing jig.


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Well! Been a while aye! I’ve been having a busy time of late but hopefully back on the drawing train again soon yay!

Did a quick DSG sketch:



My aims and possible results:

(1 – standard alien for comparison)
2 – a good laugh (but from another angle… he could be choking?)
3 – surprise (but from another angle… calling out with enthusiasm?)
4 – conniving/plotting (but from yet that other angle again… wise old guy/cool dude?)

After last night there’s a story about this pic! There must have been something about this prawn thing that twinged in my brain because I had a ‘wake me up out of fear’ nightmare last night involving a creature that had great similarities to the head of this alien (pictured below from what I can remember). I was exploring an abandoned house with my Dad in the dream. The room we were in had a slanted ceiling and I was sitting on a bed with my Dad standing close to the opposite end. Suddenly! This creature, about the size of my palm starts scattering across the ceiling with a loud takka takka takka noise and proceeds to move above my Dad before dropping off the ceiling with the intention of landing on him! As the creature was unknown and clearing trying to get at my Dad for something I panicked calling to Dad to look out! Luckily he side-stepped the thing before it could land on him… but, oh so happily lands on the end of the bed, swivells around and comes scattering my way and proceeds to run over my stomache before the shear horror woke me. It was so fast that I couldn’t sweep fast enough to get it off me! FREAKY MAN!


Yeah! Imagine THAT at the size of your palm running towards you at super speed and you having no idea why O_______O

I need to work on expressions more…

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So, been really busy reading comics and work and stuff… and for once in my life having a social life… wow… social lifes are fun and time consuming 8D Rock climbing… bowling… movies and sketching all in one weekend!

Never the less! A throw together for the day – ‘nother Daily Sketch Group attempt:



Been doing some sketching too but will save those for another day ^_^ *sleeeep*

Man! Been seeing some good movies lately – recently watched Kick-Ass which equals Pretty Dang Awesome and also saw How to Train Your Dragon which I LOVE!! I want a cat like Toothless… so cute… and useful >=3

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