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Well! Let’s be honest. I’ve been a bad sketch blogger and have not updated in a very, very long time. The problem is… I haven’t made any personal art for ages. I’ve been expending painterly juices mostly at work. So much so, I have forgotten the fun one can have making art for oneself. However, I’ve been inspired somewhat of late and so let’s try again.

Earlier this year (much earlier… or was it even last year?) I watched the movie Life of Pi and it stuck into my braaaaain (I enjoyed it a lot). So I did a random sketch with the intention of painting it up into a nice pic at some point. THAT POINT IS NOOOOOW! Here’s the sketch:


Here’s the first of many rounds of fixing:


More updates to come later! Usually I try to have some useful thing to share but I think the world should know about Batdad. Go and experience BATDAD!


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Well, it’s only been about 6 months! Been busy, busy, busy with work and life and everything! That’s my excuse… for now.

Been sketching a bit more for myself than usual. Saw a conceptart.org daily sketch group thread for the ‘Cutest Dragon Ever’ and had to have a go. So! Here is my go:


Nice to do a full-ish work on the old sketchpad. Reference was used.

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