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White hair

Had some fun putting another level of lighter shade on Mr Rob. It’s great moving up in the shaded layers because the form really begins to start showing through. I haven’t put enough lightening on the image yet… still got lots of fiddling to do. Technically it would have been a lot easier if I’d gotten a good reference image for the lighting… will have to note that for the next image > 3>

Tutorial for the day, another one by Yuni: Colouring Technique but again most relevant to Adobe Photoshop users.


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Once upon a time there was a little boy. He was cute as ‘ell but annoying as ‘ell too. Poor thing.

One day the little boy annoyed the ‘ell out of a big, older, rich man.

No one ever saw the little boy again.  …Poor thing.

All hail the reign of Mr Rob Hogan, looking as tricksie as ever.

Don’t mind me, I’m just going mad! That’s all XD

Hrmm, next step probably a round with a lighter shade yay!

Tutorial for the day:
All My Secrets Uncovered by Perzo

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Here’s an update on Mr Rob Hogan. It’s quite amazing how easy it is to change lighting in an image with just two shades of grey!

I’ve gone into a bit more detail in some of the areas for this pass which is probably a bad thing because I’ve still got a number of shades of grey to work with >_<;; Better to leave it for now and come back tomorrow with more fresh eyes.

Stumbled upon another tutorial type thing! But be warned there is quite a bit of nudity but not complete nudity. You’ve been warned! You may have to wait a bit for it to load as well:
Vintage Shading Technique by yuni.deviantart.com

Something freaky-weird-awesome by the same person too XD -> Arcus the breathing statue by yuni

Oh and Mr Hogan! Before I forget :3

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Time Schmime!

Dang… had no time to work on Rob Hogan today >_<;;

But I did stumble upon a nifty skin toning tutorial!

Skin Tones By Stephanie Shimerdla

Haven’t been around Elfwood.com in ages but used to hang there religiously. There are some really great artworks and artists there.

To sleep again!

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Start on gray shading:

And now to sleep!

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*talking to self mode on*
I don’t often draw a character or image with too much thought as to why I’m drawing it… I mean, why have a reason?
Well, if you don’t have a reason then why do you create anything at all?
Good question… hmm… for fun?
Fun? Define fun…

I don’t know man! I just wanted to draw something!
Ah-hm, but why?

… grrr
*talking to self mode off*

So I’ve been thinking about this Double Chin Guy pic… he needs a background, or some kind of existence. A reason for being here. So I’ve thought up a bit of character for him including a name: Mr Rob Hogan.

Mr Rob Hogan is a rather intelligent, trickster type man with a taste for manipulation. His great wealth is used to fund other individuals’ projects (as long as there’s profit to be made). He’s someone you are a friend with one day and then tossed aside the next – someone you meet and hit off with only to find they’re really not the person you thought you met.
His past? – he struggled to make a living initially after being exploited by friends and family (he’s quite the genius when he needs to be). Because of his not-so-happy start to life he’s never been comfortable with trusting anyone and always ends up making enemies of his friends. He doesn’t mind though because he has money to buy happiness and, really, it’s so much fun pulling people up only to drop them off a cliff *insert evil laugh here*

Now at least this character is something more than pixels. Or at least he is to me anyway >_> *shrugs*

Progress on sketch:

Mr Rob Hogan

Mr Rob Hogan

Time to start shading.

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Well! I’ve certainly maintained this place haven’t I? 8D

Ah the wonders of sarcasm…

Okie dokie, I keep struggling to think of things to write about so instead I’ll just post pictures. Starting off with a WIP (Work In Progress). That way I can update every now and then with its progress and not have to worry about not having nothings to write about XP. (You think I’d have tonnes to write about with the amount of stuff there is on the internet! I’m just not too good at it. Practice makes perfect ^_^)

Meet Double Chin Man:

Rough lines:

Cleaned a bit:

Next step besides a bit more line cleaning will be to begin grayscaling =)

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